Selling Your Fleetwood Motorhome

Fleetwood is one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, creating a range of recognizable, iconic brands for generations. Selling a Fleetwood motorhome is a great way to get some extra cash to upgrade to a newer model.

All About Value

Setting a price is the most important step in the selling process. Setting it too high means fewer offers and a longer selling period, leaving you with all the costs of ownership. Setting the price too low leads to a quick sale, but you won’t get the most out of your Fleetwood.

To set the price, use your resources. NADA has an online feature that allows you to plug in various numbers to come up with a high and low retail price. Ask local dealers, who can value your used Fleetwood RV based on the NADA and Kelly Blue Book price guides.

Start higher than the wholesale value but not as high as the NADA high retail price.

First Contact

When first contacting a potential buyer, your main goal is to get the prospect to see your rig. Answer any questions completely and concisely and be proud of your product. Building trust is the best tool when selling or trading in a Fleetwood RV, so be truthful and accurate.

In order to get an offer close to your set price, make sure your motorhome is well-maintained. Take care of any broken parts and eliminate dust, stains, and mold. The last thing any buyer wants is to spend even more money on repairs and maintenance.